Analytical essay

For the analytical essay this semester, you are being asked to read and critically examine a recent article from the New York Times. The article examines aspects of inequality in the United States today. This handout provides specific details and guidelines for writing your essay this semester. For the essay, you should discuss and critically analyze the articles in sociological terms. You are NOT being asked to write about your opinion or reaction to the articles or the events described! Specifically, you should discuss potential aspects of inequality in the U.S. that are apparent in the articles. The questions you need to answer include: ! What inequalities does the article discuss? ! What specific sociological concepts are apparent, openly or more subtly, in the text? In answering these questions, a good essay will demonstrate and define, with specific examples: ! Social stratification and how it relates to inequality in the U.S. ! Two (2) major sociological concepts immediately related to your discussion. Pick two (2) concepts from among the following and use them analytically in your essay: o absolute poverty; discrimination; feminization of poverty; income; life chances; meritocracy; relative poverty; social class; social mobility; socioeconomic status; wealth; working poor For specific examples, I also expect you also to include a minimum of two (2) quotations and/or citations from assigned course readings NOT including the article. A good paper will, out of necessity, refer to the article. For each outside quote or cite, simply include the author’s name and page number (example: Giddens, Duneier, Appelbaum and Carr, p. 123) in the text following your quote or cite. These quotations or citations should be used to support your argument by defining a concept, clarifying a point, outlining inequality, etc. I should be able to check any reference you make, so be accurate. Any reference to lectures will obviously not count toward this specific requirement. Keep in mind that outside research is not expected and will not be rewarded.

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