This is The Science of Human Nutrition Class. This assignment essay will be written bases on my personal diet data ONLY, that I provided in Word file. Please using my personal information and complete this assignment. Thank you and see the upload file for more information

Write 800 minimum words minimum comment on what you learned and what you will do differently because of this assignment. When completing the 24-hour food recall, did you notice any patterns on when or why you ate (i.e. triggers)? Were you eating primarily when you were hungry and stopping before you overstuffed yourself?
Where there any surprises when you analyzed your diet initially. Were you already aware of your strength and weaknesses of your diet? Is there anything you could easily change? Are there habits that are very difficult to break? What are you proud of in your diet? Look at Step 2-D, how close were you to meeting the recommended fluid amount calculated?
Were the revised changes you made drastically different from your original? Of the guidelines provided, which proved to be the most difficulty to follow? What would be the your actual intake to your recommended amounts? Would you rather use “MyPlate” or “Percentage of Calories” as a diet plan and why?
Overall, in your personal opinion when looking at diets, would gradual changes be more effective then completely overhauling a diet in a short time? Or do you feel that drastic changes will help individual be more successful with changing their diets?
When it comes to physical activity, how important do you feel it is compare to your “Diet” in maintaining ones health? What are the challenges you have faced maintaining exercise within your lifestyle? (For example transitioning from high school to college, working longs hours, from injury, having children, changes as we get older) How will you deal with these issues so it does not compromise your overall health?
Final thoughts: What are your thoughts about what you have learned about yourself and from this nutrition class?
Personal Information
I am a 24 years old male, and a full time student at Kapiolani Community College. My school on Monday and Wednesday starts at 9am to 1pm; on Tuesday and Thursday starts at 1pm to 2:30 pm. I am also a full time employee, my time table of work from 6pm to 12am on Monday to Thursday, and 11am to 9pm on Friday to Sunday.
Three of the photos below are my personal information and requirement for this assignment.
Please review my 24- hour food record (step 1), my analyze data (calories and fat chart) in step 2, guideline for step 3, myplate versus food processor in step 4, and exercise plan in step 5.

This chart is my Step 1: 24-hour food record

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