Andrea Modica

Listen to Half-Tone Podcast, “Andrea Modica” episode 16.
After listening to this episode of The Half-Tone Podcast, please answer the following questions
individually. Each answer should have a hearty paragraph of explanation and the total word count for
the entire assignment should be around 400 words or more. I encourage all to proof read for clarity,
punctuation, and grammar.

  1. What artist mediums was Modica first intrigued by? In your opinion, what similarities do these mediums
    have in common with photography. Justify your own thoughts by citing the interview.
  2. Modica mentions several times her “big camera.” What is this big camera, why is it distinct, and what
    are her reasons to preference this type of camera?
  3. While discussing her time at Yale School of Art, Modica mentions several memorable experiences.

Sample Solution