Annotated bibliography about Jack Ma From Alibaba

Choose someone who is well-known. It helps if they work for a publicly traded company or have had a long career. However, if someone is famous for their Instagram account or previous career, that may not help you find info on their management style. MY LEADER WILL BE JACK MA FROM ALIBABA. Submit an annotated bibliography on your leader here with at least 10 references A bibliography is an (APA-style) list of references that you intend to use in your final paper. An annotated bibliography includes, for each reference, a paragraph describing the source. You can find good examples here: . Your sources should meet the criteria set out in the paper description and be credible, high-quality sources. In your annotation, explain what each article/book/etc. is about, and how it will meet the needs of your paper. The purposes of this assignment are to (a) help you get started on your research and (b) help you think through what kinds of research is useful and why.













































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