Annotation for “Just Walk on By”—Brent Staples

When annotating a passage for analysis, determine the main purpose of the passage.

PART I: (5 points)

On a separate sheet of paper, type the answers to the following questions 🙁 Length of each answer should be two to three sentences)

  1. Who is the audience for the essay?
  2. What is the larger context/cultural context for the text?
  3. What is the author’s main argument?
  4. What is the author’s purpose in writing this essay?

PART II: (10 points)

Mark up the following directly on the hard copy of the texts and scan and or use the Review feature and electronically mark up and submit. This assignment should be completed using a pen. You may use different color ink or same color. You must label the text in the margin.

1.Type of claim: Underline or highlight each new claim the author makes

2.Type of support/Evidence:Label the type of support the writer provides for the claim , for example, fact, opinion, reasoned judgment, inference, example (use a different color pen, for example, green, to label the type of evidence in the left margin).

Bracket the rhetorical Strategieswriter uses and then label them-for example, description, definition, metaphor, symbol, allusion, analogy, etc.
4.Appeals: Ethos, Logos, Pathos

  1. Summarize every new main claim you come across below the paragraph that contains a main claim and single underline sub claims/premises and enumerate/number them).

Sample Solution