ANTIQUITY: Rudiments

  1. BETWEEN TOWN AND COUNTRY, From the Greeks and Romans to our Days.

John Dixon Hunt, “Ancient Roman Gardens and their Types,”)in A World of Gardens (London, UK: Reaktion Books, 2012), 41-56. Focus on pages 41-46 & 52-54

Laura J. Lawson, “Introduction: Garden Patches in American CIties,” in City Bountiful : A Century of Community Gardening in America (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2005), 1-14. Focus on pages 1-5.

Each of you will be submitting four reports total (for submittal dates please refer to your individual calendars). These reports ought to be two-three pages long and double-spaced. The purpose of these reports is to demonstrate your understanding of each week’s topic. I am not expecting summaries of lectures or texts; instead, I want your own take on the material taught. Ask yourselves the following questions: What sites, designed or not, best exemplify the ideas and approaches discussed each week? In what ways (if at all) are these ideas and approaches relevant to the practice of landscape architecture? What perspectives (if any) do they open up to our understanding of landscape work? I expect you to use specific examples to answer these questions. Also, your responses ought to be fully referenced. I have a preference for Chicago Manual of Style (Links to an external site.), but you may choose any reference style, as long as you remain consistent throughout each document.

There are countless ways you can structure your papers. For those of you who may be at a loss early-on in the semester, I suggest that: (i) you select short passages from assigned texts which you deem important, (ii) you explain how they are reflective of each week’s topic, and (iii) you bring up texts and projects which have been mentioned in class or you have explored on your own to elucidate each topic’s relevance (or irrelevance) to the practice of landscape architecture. Ultimately, I expect you to use landscape work to explore and better grasp key concept and approaches introduced in class.

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