Anxiety Disorders

Complete a detailed research and application paper on a selected psychological disorder. Additionally, throughout the course you will complete activities that are aimed to assist you in developing the final research paper. The goal of the planning and outline assignment is to create the foundation for developing your research paper. In this assignment, you will identify a psychological disorder of interest, construct an outline of the relevant topics that can be used to structure your final paper, create the title and references page using APA formatting, locate scholarly resources, and write the introduction section of your paper. Below is a list of items to include in this assignment: Psychological disorder of interest Use the list below to identify a disorder of interest If a disorder of interest is not listed, you may contact the faculty member for approval of your topic Outline of proposed topics and sections for final paper Refer to the sample outline as a reference for developing your outline and sectionsList of Psychological Disorders Note: This list contains many psychological disorders, but this is not a comprehensive list. If you are interested in exploring a disorder that is not listed, please contact the faculty for topic approval. Sample Outline Note: The following outline is a basic outline you may use to structure the main points of your paper. After each section heading you will find guidelines to assist you in developing your paper. Depending on your specific topic and the findings from your research, you may have additional sections or subsections to include in your paper. However, the sections listed in bold must be included in your paper.

Sample Solution