Applied Learning Professional and Trade Publication Analysis Paper

There are many professional organizations and trade publications that focus on marketing. Select two articles (BELOW) that reference the broad topics covered in the lesson (MARKETING). These include customer satisfaction and value; the history of marketing philosophies; product, price, place and promotion; and marketing ethics.

Introduction: Introduction grabs attention and provides meaningful context to upcoming analysis.
Content: Thoughtful and insightful analysis. Lesson as well as outside resources (secondary data) used to enhance and build credibility for analysis. Reader gains strong insight into the topic and the author’s perspective.
Conclusion: Expectations: Conclusion effectively restates the argument, but fresh language and meaningful insight leaves reader wanting more.
Style and Mechanics: Accurately follows professional writing guidelines. Writing is free or almost free of errors. Few or no APA errors are made (if applicable).

Use a formal, positive tone
Be concise
Foreground important information

First Article from the American Marketing Association:
“Choosing the Right Promotional Products for Your Brand”

Second Article from PRWeek

“The only way is ethical”

Sample Solution