Applying Lewin’s Topology and the Force Field Analysis to the Understanding of Decision Making .

Applying Lewin’s Topology and the Force Field Analysis to the Understanding of Decision Making Essay
Subject’s description
One of the most important names associated with the development the Gestalt theory is Kurt Lewin. To create
a new theory of human behavior, he relied on geometry and topology. Topology is a theory of perception that
helps understand individual actions, intentions, internal contradictions and decision-making using theories that
belong to principles of geometry applied understanding notions of connectedness, continuity and orientation to
spaces and geometric figures. From the application of topology to Gestalt theory, the field theory was created.
It brought the expectation that the main factors that could explain human behavior in a specific situation could
be measured. The field theory brought about interesting concepts that allowed it to become an authentic
theoretical framework. Please read Chapter 9 of your textbook in order to be able to write this essay using
topology and field theory concepts.
Questions to Address
Do you think that there are advantages to applying topology to the understanding of human perception? From
topology and other principles of geometry Dr Lewis created the field theory. According to you, are the main
concepts of field theory such as life space, field, existence, locomotion, force, valence, goal, conflict and
interdependence useful to the understanding of decision-making processes? Read carefully the definitions of
these concepts in Chapter 9 and watch the short YouTube video located in the learning materials section of
your course. Try to apply these force field concepts to the understanding and resolution of a decision-making
process that was inadequate and requires resolution. In order to illustrate your essay with examples, you can
create a fictional situation, basing yourself on historical facts or current social or political issues provoked by
decisions and leadership models that according to you require some adjustment.

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