Appreciation for the diversity of life

Write a robust three paragraph essay that details how your appreciation for the diversity of life has changed from day one. If it has not changed, please explain how its has been reinforced. Either way, you MUST include at least three specific examples from three different units in this course. If this discussion takes you outside the scope of the classwork, you may include it, however, it must be anchored in three specific examples from class. Be mindful that your statement is not graded on the nature of your opinion, but rather the connection to the relevant coursework. Please include three robust paragraphs. Use the three guidelines below for what should be in each of the three complete paragraphs. Paragraph 1 – Explain where you were on the first day of class and where you are now – with a nice topic sentence to end this paragraph. Paragraph 2 – Provide your three examples and validate why they support your claim. You must explain why this has affected you. Paragraph 3 – Describe what you plan on doing now, where are you taking this? You really must make sure you have all these elements. 1. there are three or more complete and full paragraphs – not a few sentences – put some thought into this. 2. there is a topic sentence that clearly indicates what your appreciation of the diversity of life is now. 3. there are three distinct and separate specific examples from class. All three examples are from separate units. 4. for each of the three examples you explain WHY these have specifically affected your appreciation. 5. the science is correct Put some thought into your essay. It does not have to be overly complex – just have an opinion and support it.

Sample Solution