You are working as a Public Health Officer for a public health organisation and your Manager has asked you to prepare a report on an emerging public health issue (select one issue from the list below). Your report will form the basis for the development of future health promotion interventions and advocacy action to drive policy development and policy change. Given this, your report must present a clear, concise and accurate picture of the emerging public health problem based on the available evidence.
Your task is to identify the scope and significance of the issue and make evidence-based recommendations for what the most appropriate public health approaches are to address the issue.
In preparing your report consider the following which serves as a guide to help you think about what to include to ensure a clear, coherent and evidence-based report.

• Provide a brief summary of the issue including:
• What is known about the issue (this includes the extent of the issue, the determinants of health, those most at risk)?
• What is unknown, unclear, conflicting or controversial about the issue?
• Set out, in the form of a question or statement, what the rest of the report is about.

Sample Solution