Read this:
Answer the following questions:
1. Compare the uses and questionable safety of ractopamine to uses and safety of rBST.
2. Of the six additives described in the article, find and summarize ONE peer-reviewed article on the product’s safety.
Read this
Answer the following questions:
1. Why do you think it is important for dietitians to understand what SNAP is and keep current on the program’s guidelines?
2. Create a one-month meal plan for a family of four that can be purchased by a s SNAP allotment.
Read this:
Answer the following questions:
1. What is meant by antibiotic-resistant bacteria and how do these type of bacteria develop?
2. Why are antibiotics given to animals?
3. Explain what the Director-General of the WHO meant when she said that “the world is facing an end to modern medicine as we know it.”
4. What does the claim “raised without antibiotics” mean?







































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