Arabian Nights

  1. In our class discussions, we entertained the hypothesis that The Bride of Brides was written as a response to The Arabian Nights. While the two stories address the same aspects of the human condition from different perspectives, they use similar narrative techniques, symbols, and themes. List ten similarities between The Arabian Nights and The Bride of Brides.
  2. The Arabian Nights offers a treatise on the human potential for enlightenment. The Bride of Brides, on the other hand, traces the human potential for degeneration. Discuss how Arous changes from an innocent victim to a merciless villain. How does she justify her actions? Why does she stop seeing the need to justify such actions? Your answer should not exceed one page.
  3. The story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves offers an interesting ethical dilemma. Ali Baba’s actions and those of his brother are nearly identical. However, the author steers us into believing that Ali Baba is an ethical individual while his brother is not. Using direct quotes from the text, list at least five parallels between the two characters and briefly summarize how each statement is used to manipulate the reader. Your answer should not exceed one page.

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