Are men or women more healthy in their eating habits?

Identify a Research Question
Collect Data- Observational Study or Experiment
Analyze Data- Graphically and Numerically
Perform Inference- Answer Research Question
Instructions Present Findings
Research Question:
Identify a question that is
interesting, appropriate, and
worthy of investigation.
Your question must lend itself to
data that can be analyzed using
You are expected to get your
question approved prior to
collecting data
Form an appropriate hypotheses
to guide your investigation.
Data Collection:
· Data can come from three sources: A well-designed and carried out
survey, observational study, or experiment. Your data collection
procedure should accurately reflect the question being researched.
· A full, detailed description of the collection procedure should be
included in your final report. Thoroughly describe the procedure in
terms of the methodology
· Organize raw data in a spreadsheet and include it in your final
Exploratory Data Analysis:
· Analyze raw data using appropriate graphical and numerical procedures
(histograms, probability plots, mean plots, standard deviation plots, box plots,
frequency tables, etc.)
· This could include: detecting outliers and anomalies, shape, mean, zscore,
probability, and spread of datasets in the context of your research
· Include appropriate graphical displays and numeric summaries/descriptions in
your final report.
· Interpret the exploratory data analysis in the context of your research question.
Inference (Conclusion from findings):
Form appropriate hypotheses to answer your research question.
Check appropriate conditions for your test of significance (if application)
Show all applicable work: Sampling Distribution, Test Statistic Calculation,
p-value, etc.
Answer your research question based on your inferential calculations.
Final Paper:
You are expected to write up your findings in
a final report.
This report should follow APA formatting and
should include a section for each task noted
above. (Please refer to template provided).
(a list of specific options or questions about their eating habits or choices that they can choose from in order to
gauge their responses. Also, I would have some demographic questions, besides just gender, that will help you
statistically analyze your results such as age, race, etc.)

Sample Solution