Areas of Nursing

  1. Consider different areas of nursing — research any further education or professional skills necessary to prepare a graduate to work in those areas. 2. Reflect upon educational program and experiences and consider the tools you have gained to prepare you for practice. 3. Consider your own personal coping strategies that can assist you in dealing with the stress of transitioning to a graduate practical nurse.
    Areas of Nursing *Identify 3 areas of nursing that interest you and explain what draws you to gain employment in those areas. My areas of interest: -Mental health -Acute care -Long term care
    Complete research on each area including whether any additional education or skills are necessary to work in these areas. Explain how a graduate could obtain employment in these areas. Word limit: 500 words total.
    Personal Reflection Reflect on your educational program and clinical experiences. Describe how your education and clinical experiences have prepared you to begin your nursing career. What tools have you gained through your program to help you transition to graduate nurse? Word limit: 500 words total.

Sample Solution