Argumentative Essay; Are comics appropriate educational and learning material? Why or why not?


Rogerian Essay
Rogerian Argumentation
I. Intro
II. Background
—Overview of argument (neutral)
—Summary of sides (neutral)
III. Statement of Understand
—Present your opponent’s position
—Demonstrate that you understand why or how your opponents position makes sense
IV. State Your Position
V. Solution
Offer a win-win proposition. Tell the opposition why moving toward your position would be beneficial. Present concrete steps toward solving the problem both sides face.
VI. Conclusion

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
A good argumentative essay requires a somewhat balanced use of ethos, pathos, and logos. Alt-hough you don’t have to use each persuasive approach in your essay, keep in mind that without ethos, your essay will not carry credibility; without pathos, it won’t have effective emotional affect; and without logos, you might not necessarily expect your audience to buy into your ar-gument. You may need to think about which persuasive approach would be more convincing for your audience.

Sample Solution