Arms control

(1) Distinguish disarmament from arms control
(2) Discuss the Role of the NPT and NPT Review Conferences for Arms Control
(3) Discuss the nexus between defence policy and arms control. Give examples
(4) What is parity? How do we measure/establish strategic parity? Use examples
(5) Bargaining Chips & Voodoo Arms Control. Discuss.
(6) Discuss offensive-defensive balances. Use examples
(7) What did SALT I and SALT II achieve?
(8) Discuss the importance of the ABM treaty.
(9) Discuss the role of Third Party systems in bilateral arms control.
(10) Global zero: A problematic agenda. Discuss
(11) Discuss the Euro-missile crisis
(12) Why do we distinguish TMD and BMD?
(13) Discuss geographical factors in arms control
(14) CFE: The skeleton of European security!? Discuss
(15) Multilateral arms control. The new frontier. Discuss
(16) Discuss the weaponization of space and the role of codes of conduct
(17) Why are some weapons subject to absolute prohibitions while others are not?
(18) What is the role of the United nations in disarmament?
(19) Discuss verification. Use the examples of the INF and START treaties.
(20) WMD and global zero. Discuss


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