Aromatic importation in Egypt

For this Article Analysis 2, you will be reading the following article:

Creasman, Pearce Paul, and Kei Yamamoto. 2019 (see attached file) African Archaeological Review 36: 347-365.

What aromatics were imported from Nubia, Punt and Libya, and how were they obtained? What are some of the complexities in identifying the specific aromatics used from the available evidence?
What is the history of aromatic importation in Egypt? What kinds of archaeological, textual and iconographic evidence are available, and during what time periods is evidence first found? Are there time periods in which Egypt wasn’t able to import aromatics?
Why were aromatics important for Egyptians? What were they used for? Can they be considered a luxury commodity? What role did access to aromatics play in politics in Ancient Egypt?
In what ways did societies in Nubia and Punt influence Egyptian religion and culture due to their control over access to aromatics?

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