1. How did Japanese art influence Post-Impressionist art? Use specific artists and works of art to demonstrate your ideas. For Post-Impressionists, I recommend you look at Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas, Vincent van Gogh, and/or Henri Toulouse-Latrec. For Japanese artists, I recommend starting with Hiroshige, Untamaro, and Hokusai.

. What were they? Why were the Post-Impressionists interested in them? How can you see that influence in specific works of art?)

2. Second, what parallels may exist with the Meiji period in Japanese culture and art? For example, during the Meiji Period, there was a change in Japanese culture and art because of European influence. What did those changes look like? What caused them?

3. Summarize your comparisons between Post-Impressionist Art and Japanese Art by showing how each culture changed and influenced the other, using examples of artists, art, and events. In what ways did art cross, and perhaps adjust cultural boundaries? What connections or differences can be made between social, political or religious events occurring in each culture?




Sample Solution