Article analysis
This article describes cutting-edge research and some possible future implementations. Use the analytical
framework developed in this course to identify potential problems and work through the implications.
Describe the problem: (~5%)
Briefly restate the problem in your own words.
Values and Issues: (~5%)
Identify and explain each of the values and issues that are relevant to this problem. Be sure to include both
professional ethics and social issues.
Organizational Context: (~10%)
Describe the context for the situation or technology. What is the organization? What is the purpose of the
organization? Who are all of the relevant stakeholders and how might each group be affected? Be sure to
include appropriate legal considerations.
Application: (~60%)
Now that you’ve described the various elements of the framework for analysis, apply all of the above to the
What are possible options? (~20%.)
What are the likely consequences of each of these options (both positive and negative)? (~40%)
Make a recommendation: (~20%)
Given the various stakeholders, organizational needs, laws, Codes of Ethics, ethical theories and values that
we explored in this course, what do you recommend and why? Be sure to include why you did NOT select
other options. Your grade will be based on your reasoning.

Sample Solution