Article Reflection

Reflections papers are short essay style papers that allow you the opportunity to examine your readings (whether for this class or others) to help you gain the most out of each reading you have while simultaneously working on writing skills, synthesis of ideas, and what the readings mean to you and your academic career and beyond.
In order to make sure you gain the most out of the articles covered in this course. Reflection paper should be 1-2 pages in length, APA Format (Times New Roman or Arial, 12-point font, double-spaced).

Use the information below in order to help you develop your Reflection Paper. Using this form will also help you when reading articles for other courses and projects so you can gather the most meaningful information and stay organized.

  1. Purpose/Objective of Study (PARAGRAPH ONE)
    o Talk about the Length of Study
    o Talk about the Hypothesis(es) of the Study
  2. Sample Size/ Number of Participants (PARAGRAPH TWO)
    o Talk about Participant descriptions (i.e. African American college students)
    o Talk about Where/ Setting (sample size)
  3. What is the IV and DV of the study? (PARAGRAPH THREE)
    • Talk about the IV of the study
    • Talk about the DV of the study
  4. Type of Design (correlational study, experimental, etc.) are used in the study?(PARAGRAPH FOUR)

• Talk about the type of design used in the study.

  1. What Measurements Used (i.e. Beck Depression Inventory) in the study? (PARAGRAPH FIVE)
    • Talk about what measurement is used in the study.
  2. What Statistics Used (i.e. 2×2 Factorial ANOVA) were used in this study? (PARAGRAPH SIX)
    • Talk about what statistic were used in the study.
  3. What is the Reliability and Validity? (PARAGRAPH SEVEN)
    • Talk about what the reliability was in the study
    • Talk about the validity was in the study.
  4. What are the Results from this study? (PARAGRAPH EIGHT)
    • Talk about what the results was in this study.
  5. Conclusion (PARAGRAPH NINE)
    o Summarize the study’s conclusion
    o Also, talk about your concerns of the study (Identify your concerns)
  6. GIVE YOUR Reaction and Understanding of the study/conclusion (PARAGRAPH TEN)

• Talk about your reaction and understanding of the study and conclusion

Sample Solution