Article Reviews

This assignment incorporates the following: EDU 135 learning objectives: A, B, C, D, E; AACC Core Competencies: Communication, Personal Wellness, and Innovative and Critical Thinking; InTASC Standards: 4, 9; NAEYC Standards: 1c, 5c, 6c; NAEYC Supportive Skills 3, 5
Write one paragraph that starts with a sentence introducing your topic (Article #1 Fitness/Safety or Article #2 Nutrition); identify the purpose of the paper; cite the article you will be reviewing as well as the author.
Write one to two complete paragraph(s) detailing the author’s position. Support that posi- tion with at least specific facts and information from the article. Use in text citations.
Write one to two complete paragraph(s) specifically connecting ideas from the article to ideas presented in your textbook (cite the text).

Sample Solution