Artwork Analysis

Select a museum to explore online from the list provided. Google the museum’s name and browse websites
before you choose. Choose a museum that has a collection you’re interested in and want to spend time with!
Select OR create a collection a. Select a collection of artwork to explore within that museum.
Choose a collection that the museum has already categorized – for example, the work of one specific artist, a
group of artworks that belong to a specific exhibit, or a group of works from a specific place or time period. If
you aren’t sure if what you want to choose is a “collection” ask.
OR Create a collection
Take your time browsing through the museum’s collections. Find several works of art that you can group
together in some way (by theme, media, technique, style, time period, artist, etc.); choose several (more than
5) that go together well and put them together into a collection.
Spend time with that group of artworks getting to know them. Read the information that the museum has
posted that helps you understand the artwork and the context. These might include artist biographical
information, cultural information, technical information, information about the mode of production, or information
about art styles/movements.
Identify 5 works that you find particularly interesting, intriguing or representative of the major ideas you are
finding in the work.
For each work, identify 1 source of information within the museum website and 2 sources of information
outside the museum website that provide interesting information that helps explain a specific aspect (see below
for details)of the work.
The source within the museum website might be in the same place as the image of the work or it might be
The source within the museum website can be specifically about the piece itself or it can be information that
helps you think about the artwork but isn’t directly about the artwork itself.
For example, if you are looking at a piece of sculpture that features a person dressed in an African print dress,
and you learn that the fabric was actually made in Holland, you might link to a part of the museum website that
is about the production of fabric in Europe for sale in Africa.
Sources for each artwork should include information on any or all of the following categories: artist biographical
information, materials or techniques, information about the ideas or subject the artist is working with, historical
information related to the culture or society the artwork was produced in, or others’ ideas about the artwork.
Any given source can focus on just ONE of the information types above.
For example, if you’re looking at a piece of granite sculpture you might find a source that talks about the
properties of granite that help you understand something about what it takes to make the artwork. That would
be excellent even if it has nothing to do with art – it provides information about the material itself which helps
you think about the work of art.
To create your Paper 3:
Provide a brief (100-150 word) introduction to the museum (include the name of the museum and the web
Describe (100-150 words) the collection you are writing about (the kind of artwork(s) the collection is made up
of and the focus of the collection)
Include an image of each of the 5 artworks you chose
For each image include a very brief (no more than 5 sentences) description of your informed response to the
work next to the image
This means that you’ve looked carefully at the work and also thought about how the information you found
when you identified outside sources of information helps to inform the work
Include the list of resources you identified under your description of your response to the artwork on the works
cited page. Be sure the cited sources contain website links
Note from me: Hey, I attached the Paper 3 Rubric I want you to follow and I attached the paper 3 plan that If
you can follow would be great but if you want to or need to change anything just let me know.

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