Asian American Cultural Studies

Compare and contrast the relationship between dominant media and activist or subcultural media. How do you see different texts navigating what Ono and Pham view as

the interrelationship between them and what George Lipsitz views as the interrelationship between culture and politics? Compare two different texts or media from 2

different topics in Module 3. Choose two: Kido Lopez’s or Gao’s analysis of YouTube celebrities; Decolonizing food and Suzara’s decolonizing food blog, “Ugly

Delicious,” or “The Racist Sandwich” podcast; Kido Lopez on hashtag and fan activism, Ono and Pham’s analysis of Asian American subculture; Munoz and the Brown Commons

and “Brown Girls”. Be sure to cite, define, analyze, and compare relevant key words and to begin with an arguable thesis (a thesis that requires evidence and


Sample Solution