Assessing financial feasibility

Big D Incorporated has a business opportunity to provide two different types of information to a new client. As the Business Analyst, you are tasked to assess the financial feasibility of this opportunity. The new client is a retailer and looking to expand their product offerings. However, they are requesting Big D Incorporated to assist in the decision-making process.

Prepare a presentation that addresses the following:

Explain the difference between nominal and ordinal data.
List 3 qualitative attributes of outdoor sporting goods that the client may want to ask consumers. Make sure 1 of the qualitative attributes is nominal.
For each ordinal attribute, assign names for the endpoints of a 5 point rating scale.
Explain the difference between interval and ratio data.
List 2 quantitative attributes of outdoor sporting goods that market researchers might want to measure.
Explain the difference between a population and a sample.

Sample Solution