Assessing the Impact of Digital Transformation on Supply Chain Finance.

In total, you need to submit 3 documents.

  • 1 report ( each part has a specific number of paper it is mention in the guideline attached)
  • 1 sample of data

– 1 Sample analysis

  1. Part 1 survey (Data) : complete the survey or the questioner that is attached with the instruction part and create the data excel sheet.

1.1. First step is to share the attached questioner to 40-50 people in only one main product of service for example (Health care service, or Airline service, or Education service or Hotel/ tourism services) choose one of these files only.
(Better for you to make it in survey monkey).

1.2. You need to create an excel sheet with all the answers (Sample of data is attached)
1.3 Project Sample Analysis ( Sample of analysis is attached)

  1. Part 2 the project paper
    Please focuses on the Analysis of Results part.

Sample Solution