Assessment 4 Staff Training Session

Successful deployment of new or upgraded telehealth technology requires that your team be well trained in its use. One key element of your overall training strategy is to orient your staff to the new technology. Consequently, you have decided to develop an orientation webinar, which can be used to deliver the training remotely using Web conferencing technologies.

To prepare for the assessment, you are encouraged to think about how you might use Web conferencing technologies, such as webinars, to deliver training to nursing staff. You may also want to begin thinking about how you will approach the design of your webinar presentation slides.

In addition, you may wish to:

Review the assessment instructions and scoring guide to ensure that you understand the work you will be asked to complete.
Review the Guiding Questions: Staff Training Session document, which includes questions to consider and additional guidance on how to successfully complete the assessment.
Describe the purpose and use of the technology.
Explain the potential risks and benefits of the technology.
Identify the requirements for successful deployment of the technology, including appropriate training for providers, patients, and the patients’ families.
Discuss patient confidentiality and privacy safeguards associated with the technology.
Explain how the organization will assess the effectiveness of the technology.
Describe the type of ongoing training and technical support that will be available to the nursing staff.
Support assertions and conclusions with relevant and credible evidence.
Develop slides that augment your presentation.

Sample Solution