a”stakeholder map”

Develop a”stakeholder map” for a health care organization in your state. (California). The organization ( for example a hospital or health care provider of some
sort) can be made up by you or can be an actual organization. On the map show the important stakeholders and the impact and influence they may
have on your organization.
The stakeholder map may be in the form of a diagram. Some stakeholder maps show the relationship of the stakeholder to the organization with a
plus sign (for a positive relationship) or a minus sign (for a negative relationship). However many organizations may be both positive and negative in
different circumstances.
You may want to begin by conducting an Internet search for “health care stakeholder map” and looking at some other examples to help you see what
is possible. Do not copy any information or forms without proper attribution. Doing so is plagiarism and grounds for failing the assignment.
As long as your map makes sense and shows some critical thinking regarding identifying all stakeholders and indicating what impact or influence they
may have on the organization, they can take any form you like. Feel free to be creative. Here is a link to an explanation of how to conduct stakeholder
analysis for small projects. https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newPPM 07.htm.
As an alternative to a diagram, a simple table may be developed showing the stakeholders, general purpose or mission of the stakeholders, and the
nature of the relationship the stakeholders to the organization.

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