Attack/ hack

For this assignment, please visit one of the below sites and find a talk that
describes an attack / hack. Be sure that the presenter offers a “defense” to their attack /
hack. The video must be no older than five years. Watch it and then provide a brief
summary of:

  1. What was the attack targeting (I.E. Operating System, Application, Database, IoT etc.).
    2.Did the attack have to take place locally or remotely. If it can only be carried out locally, why is that?
  2. Provide the conference and relative date (Month / Year) of the presentation.
  3. Describe the method or countermeasure to this attack.
  4. In your own words, what insight to network / system defense did you gain from this presentation as a
    security professional.
    Provide your answers in a brief executive summary (No more than three paragraphs and one page single

Sample Solution