ATV Assignment (All Terrain Vehicles)

Briefing Note Assignment question:
Due to a number of high profile deaths of young people while operating ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) in Saskatchewan there are renewed calls for all those operating ATVS to undergo mandatory driver training similar to what exists for snowmobiles. The government is reluctant to agree as ATVS have a variety of commercial applications and are not a purely recreational activity. Yet pressure is mounting on the government and the minister would like a briefing note about possible alternatives to mandatory training as the Saskatchewan All Terrain Vehicle Association is recommending.
You are an analyst in the Performance management branch, in the Crown Investments Corporation and you are writing the note for you boss, the President of CIC who will be meeting with the Minister later in the week.
NOTE: PLEASE USE THE BN ASS FILE FOR THE PAPER TEMPLATE AND FORMAT, use the information doc to get all information you will need. proper author-date citation

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