Authentic Happiness Inventory test.

  1. (180 words) Rate your feelings on a PANAS scale using a test in the Authentic Happiness Inventory test. Your opinion: What do you think of it? close, not close? Is it you? are these things worth it? do they “hit the mark”?
    A little text discussion please.
  2. (250 words) One way to clearly see the impact of shifting cultural values on consumption is to look at the increasing emphasis on the importance of health and wellness. In recent years, top-performing new food/beverage products featured items with natural or organic ingredients, such as Chobani yogurt and Nature’s Pride bread. Where is this trend going—is it just temporary or does it reflect a more permanent change in how U.S. Americans look at what they eat and drink?
    Do a little research and post up your analysis in text format (show references, please)!
  3. (200 words) Go to Take some time to become familiar with the website. Describe this company and the products that they offer. Select specific examples of products that seem to target the LOHAS values segment. Are the products that might appeal to values other than those described by LOHAS?
    LOHAS is an acronym for “lifestyles of health and sustainability.” Marketers are responding to the needs of this segment with eco-friendly products and programs. Students may observe Whole Foods seafood labeling initiative and their efforts to reduce seafood that is not sustainable. Students may become aware of wellness programs Whole Foods rolled out in select markets, which include nutrition programs, social dinners and partnerships with exercise facilities/yoga centers in exchange for a membership fee. Students should also recognize that people might buy products that appeal to LOHAS for reasons other than health and sustainability.
    Create a short discussion
  4. (200 words) Go to How does this famous website use enhancement of the self to attract consumers? Would you expect males to visit the site as well as females? How could the site make it easier for males to purchase from the site (remember, males make up a significant portion of sales in the organization’s retail stores)? Is sizing easy on this site? How could it be improved?
    Create a short discussion
  5. (2 slides) Give some examples of situations in which people orient their behavior with a prevention focus and some in which they orient their behavior with a promotion focus.

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