Ball Modelling Quadratic Investigation

The task is Ball Modelling Quadratic Investigation. There is given data points on the word document called ‘Given Data Points for math Investigation’. Using the given data points, it is required to make 3 equations for each Factored Form, Vertex Form and General Form. Among the given data points, most of them are okay to make each equation except for the Vertex form. In Vertex form, you need to utilize the highest y-value.
Once you made all the equations, put the values of each equation in the Excel spreadsheet called the ‘ Original Version of Tracker Error Calculator V2 with given Data Points’. It will automatically make the graphs. Next, when you added all the equations, there is an additional graph called the ‘Least Squares Regression’ on the same Excel page. And put the values in a certain generator in the Excel called “Least Squares Regression’. There is a tasksheet that tells what to do step by step.

Sample Solution