Bandura’s Study

In famous studies by Albert Bandura (1963) and his colleagues, children watched adult actors beat up on a big, plastic inflatable toy called Bobo the Clown. The children saw adults punching and kicking the plastic clown. Then the children were allowed to play with the clown, and most of them punched and kicked it too. That research has been used for over 50 years to argue that when children see violence, they will act it out. It has especially been used to argue that children and teens should not be allowed to watch TV shows or movies that depict violence, or to play video games that include violence. What do you think of these arguments? Does this line of reasoning make sense to you? Does it match up with what you’ve seen in your own life? Explain why you think that it is correct or incorrect to interpret Bandura’s studies as evidence that media violence makes children act violently. (And if you think it is not correct, what kind of evidence would make more sense to you?)

Sample Solution