Benchmark – Social Problem

After analyzing various social problems in this course, in an essay assignment (750-1,000 words), address the
following citing three to five scholarly sources from the GCU library:
First, summarize what you’ve learned regarding the impact of social phenomenon (for instance, social
inequality, social deviance, etc.) on the social problem you selected from macro and micro perspectives.
Next, in Topic 1, you explained how the theoretical perspective(s) that best aligns with your selected social
problem (conflict, functionalist, and interactionist) explains how it came to be and is perpetuated. In this essay,
explain how your study of the theoretical perspectives has deepened your understanding of why the social
problem you’ve selected continues to exist and how it can be alleviated.
Lastly, provide your own possible solutions to your selected social problem that are more effective than current
solutions, based on research you’ve

Sample Solution