Berger’s 6 STEPPS and Viral Posts

Using the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as the running example, the authors analyze the relative effectiveness of each of Berger’s 6 STEPPS for spreadability (social currency, triggers, emotion, practical value, public, stories) on one sole social media platform: Twitter. Discuss how the effectiveness of each of the 6 STEPPS might depend on the social media platform – e.g., in comparison to what the authors found was spreadable/not spreadable on Twitter, which STEPPS would be most/least spreadable on Instagram? On Facebook? Make sure to explain your reasoning. In your own words, provide a few reasons why a campaign message that is “spreadable” is beneficial for a campaign. Then, argue what is more important: that a campaign message is spreadable or that a campaign message facilitates behavior change? Make sure to explain your reasoning.





Sample Solution