Best’s Loss Control Manual – Hazardous Waste Site Mitigation Contractors

Provide answers from Best’s Loss Control Manual – Hazardous Waste Site Mitigation Contractors

  1. Identify the four characteristics a material could have that EPA specifically designates as hazardous waste.
  2. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act provided for what?
  3. What is a short term removal?
  4. What is a long term removal?
  5. What types of PPE would be expected to be used on a HAZ WASTE site?
  6. Transportation/automobile liability will be less when the company hires or subcontracts what?
  7. Employees which carry hazardous waste in a vehicle must have what type of license/endorsement?
  8. Identify the general liability exposures on premises and operations.
  9. Identify potential product liability concerns.
  10. General liability will be lower if insured subcontracts what type of work?
  11. Identify six potential worker’s compensation injuries and illnesses on HAZ WASTE sites.
  12. Workers’ Compensations will be lower if the insured’s refuse to do what kind of work?
  13. Identify two exposure from crime on HAZ WASTE site.
  14. Identify four NFPA Codes that need to be followed on HAZ WASTE sites.
  15. Identify the two OSHA standards from the references page which require employee medical surveillance as part of the standard.

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