Biden’s decision to terminate private prison contracts

Watch this video
Journal entries allow you to demonstrate engagement with the course concepts. In this first entry, please reflect
on the week 3 content and week 4 discussion and address the following questions:
What are your major takeaways/questions from the Week 3 content and Week 4 discussion? Cite 2 specific
examples of content or discussion points that resonated with you or left you with further questions.
Describe an example that you may have experienced first-hand or heard about in the news or social media
about how one’s privilege was leveraged (I.e. Lori Loughlin’s husband’s request to be released from jail, wage
inequities for essential workers, Covid vaccine distribution or testing, Biden’s decision to terminate private
prison contracts, K-12 school closures in NJ, breach of the Capital in DC, etc.) and how this may have
impacted you.
How did the live discussion impact any previous ideas you may have had about identity and privilege? In what
ways will the discussion serve to enlighten or broadened your perspective or lens other others in the world or
your civic engagement?

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