Bilingual Education

Some important links • Department of Education Information and Data Overview. This site provides you with a database of New York City’s Department of Education giving you a snapshot of the demographics in the system and some evaluative information including quality reports on the schools, students, and teachers. • Demographics Snapshot 2017-2018 This is a demographics report taken directly from the Data Overview website above. • Department of Education English Language Learners Division. This site leads to specifically to the division that handles all the ELL students in the DOE. You will find the descriptions of the programs available to ELL students in the public school system. • Anticipated Bilingual Education Programs. This website contains information on bilingual education programs available for schools in the school system. If you are curious as to what kind of program is available for your school, use this website. Your task In this research paper, respond to the prompt below: Analyze the DOE report and the models of bilingual education available to public schools in New York City. Based on your analysis, choose a school in New York City of your choice and recommend a type of bilingual education best suited for the school to support the students who report being bilingual. If your chosen school already has a bilingual education in place, discuss whether or not it is the best program for that school. Why or why not?

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