Bill of Rights

For the final essay, you will need to use In Our Defense to frame an essay. There is no one way to do this; however, you should make sure that you are writing an essay that uses the book (or preferably one of the clauses in from the book) in some way. That means you will need to draw a conclusion that either deals with a case or more from the book or with one of the amendments or clauses (preferable). Alderman and Kennedy show how the Bill of Rights has been interpreted and applied in modem times (although dated now). They avoid expressing too many opinions, but you must (informed ones, of course). Possibilities include the following: Explore a single case from the text that focuses on the complexities of applying the particular amendment. Exploring a case to see if the standards applied to it are still in effect today. (The book is rather old, alter all.) My preference is that you find a more recent controversy or case that deals with the amendment, however. Keep in mind that you will still need to draw a conclusion from analysis—present a strong thesis and support. Be careful not to choose something too oversimplified. For example, writing an essay in which you argue that the McSurely’s Fourth Amendment rights were violated is too easy. That case was included in the book to show obvious and extreme violations. Many other chapters, however, are there to show the fine lines—they are open to debate.

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