Biological PSY

One of the most important topics in sensory perception is noise-related hearing loss. For an interesting article on the link between race car events and hearing loss, read this article ( ) and provide some comments on your reaction.
-Describe several ways in which noise-induced hearing loss can occur, and then discuss what can be done to reduce the chances of noise-induced hearing loss.
-How is noise-related hearing loss different from natural age-related hearing loss?
-Discuss how our hearing changes as we age. Do you think you have experienced any age-related hearing loss?
-To experience this phenomenon, go to and listen to several of the “Mosquito Ringtones”. The website does a good job of highlighting the frequencies that different age groups are able to hear and not hear. These ringtones were initially promoted to teenagers as a way to receive phone calls and text messages without adults being able to hear them. More recently, however, they have been used as a way to keep teenagers from loitering in specific areas of shopping malls.
-What was the highest frequency you were still able to hear?
-Does it roughly correspond with your age? -Provide some additional thoughts on the differences and similarities between noise-related hearing loss and age-related hearing loss.

Sample Solution