Blais’ profile essay “A Room of Her Own

After reading Blais’ profile essay “A Room of Her Own,” answer the following questions

Question 1: Blais’ profile of Carol Fennelly is extremely complex and uses a variety of organizational strategies. The essay is divided into sections (marked by all caps in the copy you’re reading) and the sections into shorter paragraphs. Comment on the choices Blais makes in the organization of the essay. What information does she cover and in what order? How is the organization of the essay reflective of the overall impression of Fennelly that Blais might have wanted her readers to take away from the article?
Question 2: Choose two passages in the body of the essay that caught your attention because they use especially vivid details or startling word choice. What specific details, phrases, or words stand out to you, and what ideas about Finnelly and her life are you more likely to remember because of Blais’ stylistic choices?



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