Book analysis

1.How do characters in this book transcend or move beyond established social roles? There are numerous
ways to answer this question, but make sure you focus on more than one individual and explain the
expectations of the society each was born into and the ways in which they subverted or challenged those
2.How are the histories and societies ofDeerfield and Kahnawake related?Feel free to compare and/or contrast
the two places and societies in your answer, but think critically about the histories, peoples, and cultures of
each placewhencomparing themto one another.
3.How does religion function for the groups presented in this book? Be sure to choose more than one group of
people/religionto analyze and consider the impact of faithson societies, cultures, politics, and daily lives.
4.Though taken at the same time, by the same group, Eunice’s and John’s stories diverge. Whywere their
decisions and experiences so different?Consider specific points in thebook where their decisions set them on
different paths.
5.What impact did wars and warfare have on the people and societies that are the subjects of this story? This
question is asking you to take note of where Demos mentions wars and then assess how those conflicts
influenced the lives of individuals or groups at the center of the story.

Sample Solution