Book- Warriors Don′t Cry


How do you usually resolve relationship conflict?

Marcus smith
“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope” (Martin Luther King, Jr.).
Regardless of what troubles or conflict you know you must face, you cannot let that discourage
you from what you are fighting for. This quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. directly correlates
with what Melbal Patillo Beals’ struggle for pursuing her goals and not backing down from
constant oppression. In Little Rock 1957, 9 brave African American students brave the storm by
attending a former segregated school that use many forms of violence, blackmail, and any
underhanded tactics to drive them out of the campus. Despite fighting for a noble cause, Melba
Patillo Beals was still simple teenager trying to fight world. Without the guidance, love, support
and influence from her grandmother, Grandma India, Beals would not have found the strength to
pursue her mission of equality, therefore setting back the entire cause without her contribution to
the society and the movement.

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