For this essay, you should utilize Jorge Luis Borges’ short stories The Book of Sand, Circular Ruins, and/or The God’s Script for your analysis. Do not consult secondary sources or other previously written essays for ideas or theories. You may, though, briefly refer to academic sources pertaining to topics of abstraction associated with the themes in Borges’ stories such as dreams, metaphysics, idealism, infinity, etc. This is not necessary or required, it is simply an option. Use the material we have discussed in class, my suggested talking points, and the literary analysis techniques we learned if you need to. You may need to re-read the stories and/or refer to your notes as you go. I’ve read the articles on Borges and I know what been said for the most part, but this is an opportunity to explore your musings and thoughts on abstract concepts while using Borges’ work as a foundation.

Your essay should address one of the following prompts:

1) Discuss Borges’ use of infinity as a means to send particular thematic messages within the narrative of one or two of his short stories.

2) In what way does Borges explore the concepts of idealism and metaphysics within The Circular Ruins, The God’s Script, and/or The Book of Sand?

3) How does Borges’ use the concept of infinity in his stories? How does he deal with paradoxes? Does it make everything entirely meaningless or entirely meaningful?

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