Bottled Balinese Water

“ Imagine you are trying to market water from Bali in the US as bottled water and imagine that you are heading
up an NGO working to stop the bottling of water in Bali. You are reading Steve Lansing’s book Priests and
Programmers, to seek insights into what makes this water special to the Balinese. You are also reading
Richard Wilk’s article “Bottled Water the Pure Commodity” to seek insight into what US Americans look for in
bottled water and to think about why they might want to buy it, or to boycott it.
In this paper, first, describe how the Balinese value water. Second, imagining that you are trying to sell water
from Bali in the US, create an advertising campaign. What would you call the water? What Balinese symbols,
tropes and images, if any, might you use to market it? What Balinese symbols, tropes and images would you
avoid? What US symbols, tropes and images might you use to sell this water to US Americans? Use some of
the same questions to consider how people could mobilize (in Bali and in the US and in other parts of the
world), to stop or change the sale of bottled Balinese water.
You may illustrate your paper if you wish. The paper should be based on the class readings, especially Lansing
and Wilk.

Sample Solution