Boundary Analysis

A. Introduction: What is the subject all about? What are its boundaries? What is the primary question of research? What are the assumptions and hypotheses of research? Why did you choose the theme that you did? Why did you choose the two/three cases that you did? Write a paragraph about how you will go about your resources/references. Will you be conducting any interviews? Why you chose the references you did? Why are they useful and relevant? This section may be about 4-5 pages;

B. Main part of the paper: In this section, you will present a conceptual analysis about the theme you have chosen. Then, you will apply this conceptual framework to the two/three cases. You can use data including statistics, definitions, graphs, tables, schools of thought, approaches to the topic. You want the reader to learn how the issue is defined and what are its dimensions. This section depending on your writing style may be somewhere between 10-15 pages;

C. Conclusion: In this part, you will write the conclusions of your research. What did you learn? Why was this subject so significant? Make sure you state your own opinions about the topic. This
section may be somewhere between 4-5 pages;

Sample Solution