Brand extensions

Suppose you are working for your favorite professional sports team:
1) You have been asked to present your boss with two brand extension ideas for your team. First, describe the
potential benefits/outcomes of introducing brand extensions and the potential negative consequences should
the brand extension fail. Then recommend two brand extensions for your team and why you feel they would be
successful. (10 pts.)
2) You did such a good job in question 1 with your favorite team’s brand extensions that they have now asked
you to oversee the rebranding their logo. Regardless of your opinion if the logo should change or not, describe
if you think they should take an evolutionary or revolutionary approach to rebranding. Then describe the
changes you would recommend to the logo, your rationale for these changes, and what would be important to
consider during this rebranding process. (10 pts.)
3) Now your boss has some social media questions. First, discuss in detail four (4) different ways that your
team could benefit from using social media as a marketing tool. Then describe the type of content/posts you
would recommend the team focus on in order to fully benefit from social media in the ways you just described.
(10 pts.)

Sample Solution