Branding and Advertising

Create a travel advertisement for a country of your choice. The advertisement should address each of the following prompts:

Define your target market. For example, you might select the target market of millennials with a household income of $150,000. Ask yourself what country other than Canada and the United States would interest this market. In your research, focus on the elements of the country that will be interesting to your target market.
Design a travel advertisement for the country of choice that targets your selected audience.
Sign up for a free account using your IWU email address.
Select the Help menu to get started.
Perform a search for “Facebook Ad” and select a template that best reflects the look and feel of the country you chose.
Select appropriate graphics and text to address your target market. Be careful to select only “free” elements to use in your design.
Add contact information for your advertisement. This will be information you locate online. For example, locate a Facebook page for the country and include it in your advertisement.
Concentrate on your research and making the advertisement address your global target market. Your instructor fully understands this might be your first time creating an advertisement.

Sample Solution