British colonial societies on the North American mainland

In the late 1600s and early 1700s (1650 to 1750) we see significant changes in the British colonial societies on the North American mainland. Can we describe these changes as the movement towards greater liberty? An increase in social equality and greater cultural freedom (such as freedom of thought and religious belief)? As more political and economic freedom from British rule? (Note: this question only goes to 1750 — it does not cover the revolutionary movement of the 1760s and 1770s). Read the attached document, which depicts what a resident of England might have thought about colonial protests. Write an essay which responds to this letter and clearly explains the grievances of the American colonists. Document: Dear American Cousin download . download In the period following the Revolution Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson engaged in a fierce debate over the scope and power of the new federal government and the future economic development of the United States. Whose vision came closer to becoming a reality by the 1820s? In answering this question you should clearly indicate the main areas in which they disagreed about the future economic development of the country, and the proper role and power of the federal government.

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