Bullying is a serious problem, so public- and high-school administrators should devote
themselves to eliminating it from their schools.
Write a persuasive research essay on one of the following topics. Please keep your audience in mind: you are
writing a formal essay for a university course, and your instructor will be your primary reader. You must submit
an original work: cite your sources responsibly. You must format your essay according to MLA guidelines.
You must refer specifically to the following sources in your essay: one single-author academic book, two
articles from scholarly journals, a discipline-specific reference work, and either a story or an editorial from a
newspaper. Your sources can be either print or electronic. You are, of course, free to cite other sources in your
essay, but you must cite at least the five sources that I list above. To find a discipline-specific reference work,
simply combine the names of an academic discipline with the name of a type of reference work (e.g., dictionary
and psychology; encyclopedia and sociology).

Sample Solution